Boker Tov (Good morning)!
It is a delight to be back in the swing of things, back after a month for Monday classes!
A note from Morah Tamar:

“It was so great to see everybody on Monday.  We learned the phrases “Mi Bakita?”  (who is in the class?) and “Mi lo bakita?”  (who is not in the class?).  We practiced our new sentences in many different ways, including use of our new attendance chart, with everyone’s pictures and names in Hebrew.

We reviewed what we learned before the break – singing all of the songs – and even singing the “Shalom” song to the other class and to Rabbi Bolton.
In t’filah Sigal told the children that the Rabbi would be coming and they could ask him questions, which we brainstormed together.
They came with incredible deep questions like:
“Who was the first person to believe in God”?
“Why are there so many holidays”?
“How heavy is the Torah”?
“What did you do before you became a Rabbi”?
Please ask your children to sing our songs for you to help then remember (Lalechet…. La-atzor, lashevet lakum)….
Shabbat Shalom,
Morah Tamar”
On Monday, in T’filah, we had a very exciting day, with a visit from Rabbi Bolton, as Tamar mentioned.  He took out a Torah, and showed everyone the words ראשי חדשיכם (your new months), as we celebrated Rosh Hodesh (the start of the new month) Heshvan earlier this week! Then, students had the opportunity to “Ask the Rabbi,” and ask they did!  Rabbi Bolton shared answers to students’ amazing questions.  Students look forward to many more chances to “Ask the Rabbi” in the future!
I look forward to finally settling into a rhythm of weekly Hebrew School classes, so we can get back to rich and consistent learning!
Shabbat Shalom,