Boker Tov!

This week, enjoy the attached Newsletter from Morah Tamar about all that your children have learned this month.  I am also forwarding along my note from Tuesday, with the page of reading the students worked on this week, so you can continue practicing over the weekend!

In t’filah, we learned some new tunes to our favorite t’filot, working with Lee to add new melodies and ruach– spririt- into our t’filot.

We explored this week’s parasha – Toldot, in which we learn of Rebecca and Isaac’s failure to conceive a child.  After praying to God, Rebecca is blessed with twins.  Sadly, from the time they were in the womb, Jacob and Esau battled.  Upon their birth and growth, each was favored by one of their parents- Jacob by Rebecca for his gentleness, and Esau by Isaac, for the food he’d hunt and bring to his father.  We read as Esau, the firstborn, sold his birthright to Jacob for a bowl of soup.  Later, as Isaac nears his death, he seeks out Esau to give him his blessing, as the oldest son.  Rebecca, wanting her favorite to receive the blessing, helps Jacob deceive his father, putting fur on his arm to replicate Esau’s hairiness, and cooking Isaac’s favorite meal for him.  Upon Esau’s discovery of the deception, he vows to kill his brother Jacob, who is forced to flee.  Our students presented this material beautifully, performing it with a lively and entertaining Sedra Scene.

On Wednesday, our older students considered what it’s like to be a twin.  We read in the story how different Jacob and Esau were – and how their parents’ each loved one more than the other.

We considered what it might be like to have a twin, and whether we’d each like to have one.  We weighed the advantages– having a sibling the same age, who could be a best friend (and whom you could have fun with trading places!) – and the challenges – someone being too similar, or too different, competing for attention, or struggling for individuality.  Most students felt they were happy not being a twin, and sympathized with our biblical twins, Jacob and Esau.

Continue these discussions with your children.  Ask them:

  • Would you want to have a twin? Why or why not?
  • What do you love about your brothers or sisters? Or friends, or cousins? Are they like you, or different from you?
  • How can you show that you love someone, even if you don’t like the same things?

Looking forward to seeing many of you tomorrow at our Family Shabbat Lunch!

Shabbat Shalom,